Hygeiacare Health Insurance company based in Punjabi bagh-Worst in giving health related services

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Hi,All, I am being harrased by Hygeiacare healthinsurance company.

They says at the time of joining Opd and Ipd services free at there impanneld hospitals,but at the time of using it hospital said please take approval from hygeiacare.

Problem started here I am the patients husband and my wife is pregnant and Hygeiacare all landline numbers are not eachable and their both Director Mr.Bawa and Mr.S.Gupta never reply back they said it is under there discretion once they approve it we cant get this test done.Its all fake I have given them Rs.20000/- as my 2 years premium when I am about to use this service I am the person who is suffering and my money is hardearned but company doesnt bothered.

Please never use there services.

Review about: Health Insurance.



They replied that they dont have fund.

some directors died in accident.


I agree with Mr.Tarun Bansal.

Mr.Bawa is full fraud person who gives a fake promises.


dont ever rely on Hygeiacare Health Insurance company as they are fake. claim is pending since last 6 months and no response. punjabi bagh office is also fake no one picks up the phone.


Mr Tarun Bansal's claim was pertaining to their policy ofCholamandalam Insurance Company and the policy is directly held by M/S Morning Star of which Mr Bansal is an employee.

We are reimbursing OPD bills of the said corporate. The delay if any was due to the sad demise of Mr Sunil Gupta.

This is just a maligning campaign initiated by Mr Traun for settling some vicious ill intended purposes.

god bless him

Rajiv Bawa


"Worst services provider.Claim pending since Apr 2009, but Rajeev Bawa is just giving dates...

Kal mil jaegaa...Avoid business with hygeiacare or Rajeev bawa (9313538988)

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